Charles Darwin Track – Wentworth Falls + Korrowal Knife Edge and other Jamison Valley traverses

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In addition to my usual local jaunts, I went for a couple of early morning rambles at Wentworth Falls and Katoomba over the past week. I was covering old ground on each occasion, but these trails always deliver.


Mist in Kedumba Valley


One of many small falls on the Charles Darwin track


Some rickety boardwalk in need of a little love


The Charles Darwin track traces the line of a shallow gully, from Wentworth Falls Village all the way to the edge of the escarpment


Regrowth after bush regeneration burning


I’d have been willing to put my feet in here if it had been just a little later in the day


But there was still evidence of morning dew all along the trail


Walking across the pipes is strongly discouraged


Morning sun


Rocky interlude between Weeping Rock and the top of Wentworth Falls


This track across the top of Wentworth falls leads to the National Pass and Wentworth Pass – both trails are currently closed due to unstable track conditions, however you can still walk down as far as the bottom of the falls


Looking out over the drop


Top of Wentworth Falls


View of the falls from Fletchers lookout


Undercliff Track


Walking westward along the Undercliff track


Turnoff to Princes Rock


Kings Tableland, as seen from Princes Rock


View from Princes Rock


Princes Rock lookout


Ascending to the car park from Princes Rock

A couple of snaps from other morning walks


If you go early enough, you can find Echo Point devoid of crowds – the three sisters can be seen here in among the fence rails, with Mt Solitary peeking just above fence-line and Narrowneck plateau at center right


Hey girls


Two of the three sisters with Solitary behind


This one from a couple of weeks ago now – taking a hike from Leura Cascades to the Golden Stairs with the lovely Zoey

Yesterday, Jay and I climbed the Korrowal Knife Edge up Mt Solitary. I didn’t take many pics as I have done that walk and photographed it several times before.


View back towards Castle Head (the faint darker patch of green behind the furthest rocky outcropping), as seen from the top of the Knife Edge


The last stretch of climb up Mt Solitary sees you re-entering the trees with limited views, so we just went as far as the top of the exposed Knife Edge


The southern end of Narrowneck Plateau with Clear Hill to Tarros Ladder and Duncans Pass at the far end, and Walls Pass jutting out slightly at center right. I think I’ll try for an overnight hike down Duncan’s Pass to Medlow Gap and Dunphy’s Camping area soon, though I seem to have had a bit of a muscle tear in the aftermath of yesterday’s walk, so I might need to take it easy for a few days while I assess the damage…


Stunning rock formations all the way up the Knife Edge scramble


Pano of the Jamison looking back towards the main ridge-line from Mt Solitary

I had a minor stack walking down the Golden Stairs – there was a bit of blood but no broken bones. I apologised for the gross appearance to which Jay replied: “I’m more concerned about your level of pain than the aesthetic of the wound.” Always good to have a fellow empath with you on the trail.

Taking it easy today…

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