Hey there book lovers and trailblazers.

I am guessing that it is fairly clear from my blog site title and tagline that I am an avid reader and hiker. Where possible, I like to combine the two passions, though having broken my foot twice and both wrists in the past five years, this does not always work out so well for me… I am currently undertaking a PhD in the field of literary criticism, on the topic of ‘wandering’ in James Joyce’s Ulysses and Cormac McCarthy’s Suttree, two of my all-time favourite authors (and books). I also do some casual teaching at the University where I am studying and I live in the Blue Mountains just out of Sydney, where I try to hike a little every day.

Perhaps we’ll meet on the trail some day…


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Lou
    Thanks for following my blog. I’m seriously crushing on your header and images. Can’t wait to get into the content too. Hope you find some great reads & I look forward to sharing.
    Happy reading x


    • Hi Laura,

      Thank you! Very early days, but looking forward to generating some content and joining the community. Unfortunately I can’t claim credit for the header image – it was the one that came with the theme but I like it so much I haven’t been able to bring myself to change it yet to one of my own. Many more pics and posts to come.

      Good luck with achieving your reading goals for 2015.

      x Lou


  2. Love this blog 🙂 Just discovered it today when looking for info on how to get to Paradise Pool… I am also a Blue Mountains person, just finished my PhD at WSU and also teach there – cultural theory stuff 🙂


    • Thanks Shanna ☺️. Congrats on completing your dissertation. You must feel light with relief! I’m planning to submit in June/July and looking forward to the next chapter. It’s a small world, perhaps I’ll see you round campus sometime. Or on one of these beautiful mountains trails. Today will be a good day for Paradise with the weather heating up again. Enjoy! 😊


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