6 thoughts on “Books

  1. Hi Lou,

    Happy New Year! I am still enjoying your blog, both your pictures and your clever comments. You make everything sound delicious, not just the peaches.


    • Thanks Grumpy! How’s life treating you post trail?! I miss hanging with you! You in Colorado? What plans for 2017? Hope you’re well!


  2. Hi Lou,

    I am hitting the trail again on March 5th. Smiles, not sure you met him, talked me into, didn’t take much talking, taking it from the top and starting at Springer again in our second attempt to thru-hike Georgia to Maine. I have high hopes we’ll make it this time. I miss hanging with you as well but will have you in mind when I get back out there, especially at the Hiker’s Hostel and at Damascus. How is the thesis coming along? You seem to be doing lots of adventure seeking when you’re not working at the orchard. Does that leave you time to get closer to completing that doctoral pursuit? I wish you well and will check in every once in awhile, especially at Damascus, both to keep you posted and to keep up with your adventures. Cheers!


    • Grumpy, that’s such great news! I hope you make it all the way to Katahdin this time. Keep me updated as to your progress. When in Damascus, look up Patti and Ralph Wilson. They were the lovely people who looked after me in Abingdon when I broke my arm. They have since moved from Abingdon to Damascus and bought a B&B. I hope the prep is going well! Looking forward to hearing about the journey. 👣


      • OK Lou,

        I will definitely look for Patti and Ralph Wilson’s B & B as I approach Damascus. And I will also look for your latest adventure from your blog and keep you up to date on my second A.T. attempt. Happy Hiking and otherwise adventure seeking. Cheers!


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