Walking Parramatta River – Part Two: Lennox Bridge to Kissing Point Wharf

Currently Reading: Paul Beatty – The Sellout | Herta Müller – The Fox Was Ever the Hunter

The final round of marking for the year begins on Monday, but in the meantime I have just had a week off class, and finally managed to get in a hike with Jay (the first since about June). We walked section two of the Parramatta River, from Lennox Bridge in the Parramatta CBD to Kissing Point Wharf, then caught the ferry back to our starting point.

The riverside trail takes you straight past the university, where we stopped for a bite to eat before continuing on. We took the white staircase which you can see in the middle distance of this shot.

Large sections of the trail are built on these raised platforms to lift you above the swampy mangroves that line much of the river’s edge.

For the first hour or so of walking, the river is rarely in sight.

Then you start to get glimpses of it through the trees.

For a moment I felt as though I could have been in Knoxville.

Clearly demarcated pathways…

… and carefully manicured lawns…

… give way to the aforementioned mangroves…

… and the option of a road less travelled.

A sign serving no apparent purpose…

… until about this point: ‘Uneven surface’ may have been something of an understatement…

… but we soon found ourselves back on an established and clearly maintained path.

Weaving through the mangroves.

We spent some time identifying the birds at this little outpost… and Jay presented me with a very writerly birthday gift…


… an assortment of lovely pens, notebooks and postcards – to do this gift justice, I’m going to have to learn how to write well with a fountain pen. Challenge accepted.


I really liked the vibe of these dead trees foregrounding the dilapidated warehouse.


Random fish on stilts, because: Why not?

Kissing Point Wharf – our end point for the day’s hike.

I am a little out of practice with my hiking, what with the busyness of the past few months, so this four hour wander on a predominantly flat surface took it out of me far more than it ordinarily would. But it was great to be outside, to be near water and to be using my legs again. I’m looking forward to the next leg.

My summer reading project – now that I have a little time to read just for fun…

The books themselves (well, most of them…)

Current read – Paul Beatty’s Man Booker Prize winning novel, The Sellout. Brilliant.

Books Completed: Alexis Wright – The Swan Book | William Faulkner – The Sound and the Fury | Jennifer Egan – The Invisible Circus | Jeffrey Eugenides – The Virgin Suicides

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