Empire Pass – North Lawson Falls

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Kevin, Lee and I went for a hike around the Empire Pass Circuit at North Lawson Falls this weekend. We considered going for a swim at Paradise but it was hot as a summer’s day so we knew it would be crowded and that trail (regardless of whether you approach from Woodford or Linden) is quite exposed. So we thought about various walks in the area that included shade and possible swimming holes and eventually hit upon North Lawson Falls. It has been several years since I’ve done this walk. I had forgotten how spectacular the cliff lines are through the gully along the northern-most stretch of the trail.


Fairy Falls


Lee and Kev at Echo Point (not that Echo Point)


Some cool but unusual kind of grass growing below the cliff edge. It was unlike the other grasses growing out of the rock in the area in that it had more of a succulent texture. The boys thought it might be akin to the Sydney rock lily (or orchid). Lee, as discoverer of said grass, named it the Leeii Ledge Lily.


Tree huggers – and can you spot Lee?


Fare well Echo Point


Most fire trails make for a fairly nondescript aesthetic, but this was a pretty linking stretch


Kev getting as wet as he was willing at Frederica Falls


Log in repose – Frederica Falls


A side trail led us past this park bench, slowly being reclaimed by nature


This rock wall, located in the depths of the rainforested gully, was home to all manner of plant species


A pretty stretch shortly after Kevin took a sizeable tumble and hurt his back


Ever the explorers


Carpet of leaves


Towering ferns and treacherous stairs


This place was a mossy valley wonderland




St Michael’s Falls travel underground after the drop, with the creek re-emerging further down the trail


Rickety bridge and uneven stairs at Dante’s Glen – Kevin asked which circle of hell we were in – I said we were chilling in limbo with the righteous pagans (I think the correct terminology though might have been the ‘virtuous’ pagans)


Kevin admiring the view


That tree stump to the left of the stairs looks like some headless dude in a squat with his hands on his hips (or some vagabond Ned Kelly type with holster at the ready waiting to accost passersby)


You get the sense this tree may not remain rooted for too much longer…

The Empire Pass circuit kept us out of direct sunlight for the most part and took us about three hours to complete.

Books Completed: I may not finish another book between now and submission – but there is Light in August…

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