Hobart Town: Final week in Tas

Time since accident: 6 weeks | Estimated time till return to the trail: 2 weeks

We took a weekend trip down south to Hobart for one last hurrah before my journey north to the Blue Mountains and beyond.

Some Campbell Town outdoor knits, enroute to Hobart

There was a plaque in Campbelltown commemorating 300 years since the Dutch first encountered Tasmania:

Who ever knew 300 years was a tercentenery (as opposed to tricentenery)?

Mum and Dad delivered me to MONA where we shared a bite, then they left me to wander through the gallery, meeting again at Constitution Dock after I took a lovely late afternoon harbour ferry ride:

You descend three storeys underground to commence your MONA experience.

This installation, complete with several complex, interrelated moving parts, simulates wind speed and direction, with each image representing the effects of such simulation on a given day.

This artwork is particularly cool. The machine is programmed such that as the water droplets fall, they make perfectly formed words. All of the words, which rain down in random sequence, are currently election themed. So this waterfall, for example, reads ‘Your Vote’.

The buildings, grounds and location all contribute to the phenomenon that is MONA:

There’s Mount Wellington in the background. By the next day, the mountain was covered in snow.

Hobart town:

The Drunken Admiral

Customs House

Swathes of buildings, businesses and prominent landmarks painted the town red for Hobart’s Dark Mofo (akin to Sydney’s Vivid festival), a winter solstice festival, now in its fourth year.

Wrest Point Casino – Australia’s first casino

South of the capital:

Cygnet – check out that crocheted Afghan bunting!

Dad at the cellar door – Home Hill Vineyard, Ranelagh

On our last day in Hobart, we went out on the water for the Peppermint Bay cruise;

Peppermint Bay Cruise

Back in Lonnie, there were more catch-ups with old friends & the next gen…

Boarding school buddies – with Alison Alessio

Something of our 13 year old selves here… 😉

Al’s boy Luca – not much younger than we were when we first met 😮

Craig and Mandy Gibson’s youngest – the inscription on the jar reads: “Cassidy’s pocket money – will be removed for arguing and refusal of a reasonable request” – too cute for words.

Cassidy decorated my cast for me 👍

Pat and Owen, some of Ma & Pa’s friends from the earliest days of their marriage, have managed to get hold of the car they owned in the late 50s/early 60s (not just the make and model – the actual car) and Owen’s doing it up:

Dad having a drive…

Many of the panels are currently off being sanded ready for re-painting, but watch this space for images of the finished article.

Trish A took me to see ‘The Castle’ – A Youth Futures initiative: Tiny Houses providing a viable living space for Tassie’s young homeless:

The side panel folds in and the whole construct can then be transported on wheels – awesome!

The cast has been removed and I’m bound for the Blue Mtns then onwards to the A.T., with hopes of an early July return to the trail.

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