Days 23-26: Davenport Gap to Hot Springs

Total miles since Springer Mtn: 271.6 | Miles to Katahdin: 1907.4

Frank asked me to start noting at the beginning of each post how far I’d hiked and how far I still have to go. So there it is. Over 200, but not yet 1/7 of the way…

Nearly there?!

 I am currently in Hot Springs, where I have no phone reception and the internet connectivity is sporadic at best. So I’ll just post a few pics from the last few days, with a longer post to come once I hit Erwin, Tennessee. 

Back on the trail – exiting Davenport Gap


Are they trying to kill me? They are, aren’t they?! To combat fatigue, I posted myself at the top of these stairs and welcomed hikers as they arrived at the top ๐Ÿ‘

Stormclouds gathering over Snowbird Mtn


My makeshift clothesline after 8 miles of hiking in the rain


Literally two hours later I was able to take my clothesline outside


Trail plaque entering Hot Springs. The John Muir inscription reads: “The nearest way to the universe is through a forest wilderness”


In Hot Springs, the trail markers lead right through town. Awesome ๐Ÿ‘


Where I’m headed tomorrow. French Broad River in foreground


Lots of cool bridges in Madison County (apparently not that Madison County)


Spring Creek passes right through town


Stuffing my face (a common occurrence these days) with choc chip cookie (courtesy of Wes) at Davenport Gap


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