Road trip out west – September 2015

I’ve always wanted to see Lightning Ridge, so during Spring Semester break last year I took a drive out west. I covered a lot of ground, visiting a different national park on each of my five days away, and I travelled cheap, cooking all my meals on my trusty portable stove, and sleeping in my car each night (two nights in caravan parks in order to shower, for a grand total of $15 + fuel).

Coolah Tops NP

Coolah Tops NP – View over Liverpool Ranges

Mt Kaputar NP

Galah in flight – Mt Kaputar NP approach road

Sawn Rocks

Sawn Rocks – Mt Kaputar NP

Sawn Rocks Detail

Sawn Rocks: detail. Nature is freaking awesome.

Australia Telescope Array

Australia Telescope Array – Narrabri

Chasing the Sun

Chasing the Sun – Australia Telescope Array

Burren Junction

Welcome to Burren Junction


Stanley – Lightning Ridge

Lightning Ridge

If I lived at Lightning Ridge, this is what my house would probably look like…

Red bellied black?

Red bellied black?

Queensland Border

Queensland Border – Culgoa NP

Rough roads...

The road got rougher and rougher…

Enroute to Bourke

Sunrise enroute to Bourke

Trusty steed

My trusty white steed

Gundabooka NP

Red dirt!! Ah, nostalgia! Gundabooka NP

Gundabooka Ochre

Gundabooka NP – Colours were amazing

Mulgowan Cave Art

Mulgowan Cave Art – Gundabooka NP


I wanted to take this guy home to add to my collection, but he looked like he belonged here so I left him be…

Ngana Mallyan

Ngana Mallyan – Valley of the Eagle walking track – Gundabooka NP

Cobar - Australia's longest pub balcony

Cobar – In the spirit of ‘big things’, home to Australia’s longest pub balcony (starting to sag a little up the far end there) – I had a beer here. It was very tasty.

Animals on bikes

Animals on bikes…

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