A.T. Gear List

People have been asking for a photo of all my gear, so here goes… It looks like a rainbow just pooped on my beach towel (no, I won’t be carrying a beach towel). I certainly won’t be blending in with my environment on this trek…


Not the clearest shots as the afternoon light was shining through, but you get the idea… Not all items will be in my pack 100% of the time. I’ll post some things ahead to myself for collection at future points along the trail. My base pack weight comes in at 14.5kg with food and water still to come…

Following is the breakdown of specific items:

2 x icebreaker merino underwear + bra
base layer – 2 x icebreaker merino tank
base layer – 2 x icebreaker merino short sleeve top
base layer – 2 x thermal leggings
mid layer – 2 x icebreaker long sleeve top
mid layer – icebreaker merino insulating jacket
outer layer – north face down jacket
outer layer – summer – berghaus raincoat
outer layer – winter – northface goretex raincoat
outer layer – rainbird wet pants
beanie + neckerchief
thermal gloves and fingerless mittens (for dexterity)
face net for bugs in summer months

Tech and entertainment
portable solar panel for charging ipod, camera and phone
phone (to purchase in U.S.)
point and shoot camera
ipod + earphones
watercolour paints + brushes & black ink pens
6 x watercolour journals (1 for each month of walking)

lowa hiking boots
teva sandles – soooo comfortable
2 x knee high smart wool socks
3 x ankle length smart wool socks (dry socks are a luxury I am not prepared to do without)

sea to summit plate, cup and bowl set
spice canister
2 x spork
teeny tiny chopping board
matches, stove & fuel
pot set

Sleeping system
sleeping bag – north face green kazoo
sleeping mat – thermarest
tent – MSR hubba

2 x 1 litre water bottles
3 litre osprey camelback

Bathroom & Laundry
teeny tiny tek towel
travel size laundry detergent
travel size shampoo/conditioner
travel size shaving cream
travel size sunscreen
Mini handmade organic soap
travel size toothbrush and toothpaste
dental floss
ultra balm
lip balm

First Aid
bandages, bandaids, blister pack
strapping tape for pesky left ankle and foot which still plays up occasionally post 2012 & 2014 fractures
pain relief – codeine, ibuprofen, voltarin + antihistamine & decongestant
epi-pen for prawn allergy – for all that seafood I won’t be consuming on the trail…
vegemite & berocca for vitamin b

pack – osprey ariel 62L
parachute cord + carabiner for hanging food bag (bear proofing)
stuff sacks of assorted sizes

Thru Hiker’s Companion

I still need to purchase a handful of items: tiny tripod, groundsheet, clips (in place of pegs) for tenting on platforms and some water treatment tablets. Also, possibly snowshoes?!!







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