Amphitheatre Track – Leura Cascades

Currently reading: Levison Wood - Walking the Himalayas (still) | Cristina Garcia - The Lady Matador's Hotel (still) | Jeff Greenwald - Shopping for Buddhas I thought I'd hiked all the trails in the Leura Cascades area, but was pleasantly surprised to discover the Ampthitheatre track on yesterday's romp. Despite Sonia Overall's advice to never … Continue reading Amphitheatre Track – Leura Cascades

Paradise Pool and Hanging Rock – Blue Mountains NP

It was a perfect day for our Saturday hike to Paradise Pool. It used to be something of a secret spot, requiring local knowledge to locate its whereabouts, but the Blue Mountains City Council have actually put up several signs now. My guess is that local residents grew tired of intrepid hikers finding routes through … Continue reading Paradise Pool and Hanging Rock – Blue Mountains NP