Walking Between the Flames

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Despite the proliferation of fires in NSW and beyond, this summer hasn’t been all smoke and ash. Although I couldn’t get amongst the Budawangs, I did manage to complete some beautiful walks in and around the Shoalhaven on my occasional days off. Following are some of the highlights:

Bomaderry Gorge Walk

Walk Duration – 5km (allow 2 hours)


Abraham’s Bosom – Gosangs Tunnel

Walk Duration – 6km circuit (allow 2-3 hours for this one as well – you’ll want to spend some time exploring the rock shelves through and below Gosangs)

Gosangs Tunnel

Mermaids Inlet

View from where the tunnel emerges to Little Beecroft Head

Walking the rocky platform


Quick visit to Huskisson to finish off a near perfect day

Basin Walk

Walk duration – 11km return (with option of extending beyond the established trail – allow 3.5 hours)


Huskisson Mangrove Walk

Walk duration – 1.5km (allow an hour so you can spend some time watching the birds and crabs)


Sussex Inlet Mangroves

Walk duration – 1km return (a short 15 mins)


Swan Lake and surrounds

I camped here for a good bit of summer and saw it in a diverse range of weather conditions including sun, fire, wind and rain.


Bendalong Headland and Inyadda Beach

Walk duration – approx 8km return (allow 2-3 hours as you’ll want to have a swim along the way)


Books Completed: Zero! Not a single book completed since the beginning of summer. This will change now that I have time on my side…