Porters Pass – Blackheath + Sydney Writers’ Festival

Currently Reading: Patrícia Melo – The Lost World | Peter Matthiessen – The Snow Leopard | Herta Müller – The Fox Was Ever the Hunter

I’ve struggled to find time to get out for a longer hike of late, hence the lack of recent posts. I’ve been active, but most of my time has been spent in the built environment. I guess you could say I’ve been testing the waters of flânerie. So the following is a bit of a hodge-podge of city / country, book / photography / film… and kittens. Let’s not forget the kittens… I almost adopted the two brothers of the sweet creatures pictured below, but thought better of it, knowing my penchant for interstate and overseas travel, road trips, overnight hiking and my general tendency to wander…

This shot was from my last visit to Mt Solitary before the hazard burn I am yet to see the effects of the burn with my own eyes, but the footage looked like the end of days…

Perched with journal at Elysian Rock

Jamison Valley twilight

Kitten Interlude…

Meet Onyx and Smoky, the newest editions to the Murphy-Davies clan household

Inquisitive kitten

I attended a handful of events at the Sydney Writers’ Festival, which was held at Carriageworks this year.

It’s a fantastic open, bright, airy, copious space

Another kitten interlude:

This series was taken over several visits to Frank and fam’s place. The weather has just recently turned wintry and the fire in front of this ottoman is now being lit of an evening. The kittens think it’s the bees knees.

This one also contains a sleeping child

Jay and I hiked Porters Pass and Walls Ledge last weekend. Skies were clear, the trail was a little muddy in parts, but mostly pretty easy going, and the climbers were out in force along Walls Ledge. It was a beautiful day for it.

Western entrance to Porters Pass

I can’t seem to get enough of these Blue Mountains escarpments

I turned to Jay: “You wouldn’t want to have been walking here when those rocks fell.” Jay’s response, looking cliff-ward: “We come in peace.” Never a dull moment with that lad.

If you look closely, you’ll see a couple of climbers in this photo

Missing bits of handrail have been replaced with wire in parts, but the path is easily navigable

I had hoped to hike another pass right down into Centennial Glen, making a figure eight of our walk, but I couldn’t find a clear marker for the start of that trail

The walk we did was great, even without that additional pass, and it was just so lovely to be back out among it. This is the Walls Ledge path – see here evidence of the extensive track work that is currently being undertaken along this trail.

More outdoorsy folk taking advantage of the late Autumn sunshine

You can see why it’s a popular spot with climbers

A couple snaps of Sydney

This is where I work in the city – building not much to look at but the views from the top are pretty spectacular

George St – look up

The Boilerhouse at Parramatta Campus sits opposite the library where I am currently doing a shift a week as a Study Smart Advisor (read: assisting students with their grammar)

I also did a shift at the very new (read: empty) Liverpool City Campus Library a couple of weeks ago – this is their first semester of operation and they only have one faculty’s cohort in attendance at this early stage – but I felt a bit like I was setting up shop in an abandoned building…

Who knew that Sydney had a flatiron building?!! Discovered this yesterday afternoon. Very cool.

Tasman’s Map (shot from above and to one side – unfortunately you can’t get a shot from directly above) graces the tiled foyer floor of the State Library of NSW – it’s a beautiful thing to see

Inga and I went to the World Press Photo Exhibition after work last night. We’ve been attending the exhibition annually since 2010, though we missed the last couple of years due to various other travel commitments. It was a smaller selection this year, but the images were powerful as ever.

The World Press Photo Exhibition 2018 is on until 24 June at the State Library of NSW.

Books Completed: Jennifer Egan – The Keep | Philip Roth – The Human Stain | Sebastian Barry – Days Without End

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