Fairy Bower to Cox’s Cave & Linden Creek via Grose Rd helipad

I did a short walk in Mt Vic this week with my hiking pal Lorraine (who is also one of my thesis supervisors). We started off at Mt Piddington, with views over the Kanimbla Valley.The Fairy Bower circuit departs from this vantage point, descending through a narrow ravine, with beautiful escarpments rising on both sides.The vegetation is lush, and magical mossy staircases, footbridges and ladders make for ease of passage through some pretty wild terrain.Cox’s Cave itself is reached via this ladder:It is a fantastic little walk and workout if you want those stunning mountains views but are limited for time.Later in the week Peter and I did a short walk down a side trail from Grose Rd in Faulconbridge to Linden Creek. It was hot, humid and steep, but beautiful flora and one lonely lizard made the tough going totally worthwhile.I depart tomorrow for south coast NSW where I am spending the summer working on a peach farm with Mountain Goat, who I met earlier this year while hiking the Appalachian Trail. 

My phone camera failed to capture the beauty of the super moon earlier this week, but we did see this lovely sunset from Linda Rock in Woodford while we waited for Tuesday’s moonrise. Farewell my Blue Mountains playground. I’ll see you again in a couple of months!More soon from Narrawallee!

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