Washington DC Part II: Museums and Monuments

First things first folks, I must apologise for the long online absence. As most know by now, I travelled back to Australia via Knoxville after departing Washington. A combination of dwindling funds and ongoing charlatanism on the part of my travel insurers were the primary reasons for my return. In addition, limited (and oft-times non-existent) internet connectivity has made blogging a challenge this past month, but things seem to be up and running again now. Before I show you some of the gorgeous hikes I’ve been doing here in the Blue Mountains since I’ve been home, here is that second Washington post I promised!

Lincoln Memorial

Streets of Washington

Capitol Building

Jefferson Memorial

Martin Luther King Memorial

Washington Monument

Franklin D Roosevelt Monument

A Plethora of Smithsonian Museums

Getting around town

World War II, Airforce and 9/11 Memorials

Arlington Cemetery

DC skyline view from hotel

I’ve just uploaded pics for now. Captions to come…

It’s great to be back online!

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