Exploring the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts 

I now have wheels.

After picking up my Chevy Cruz from Pittsfield, I took a drive through Western Massachusetts to collect my mail drops from the Dalton and Tyringham post offices. Tyringham town centre consists of a post office, police department and library, all of which have markedly reduced trading hours. So no entry to the library, but cool stonework.Checked out Santarella, Tyringham’s self-proclaimed Gingerbread House. Unfortunately, like the library, the building and gardens have limited public access, but you get a sense of the architectural fairy-tale vibe from the outside looking in…

Visited Bash Bish Falls and the Harlem Valley Rail Trail – another of these wonderful walking/cycling paths that traces the bed of a former railway line. This section will eventually link up with the last stop on the Harlem line which was the service I caught out of NY to resume my hike on the Appalachian Trail:

I paid a visit to the Norman Rockwell Museum near Stockbridge.

Exhibition: ‘Rockwell and Realism in an Abstract World’ | Painting title: ‘The Connoisseur’ (1961) [Norman Rockwell]

While in Stockbridge, found a sweet little trail along the Housatonic:I car-camped south of Great Barrington at Prospect Lake Park:It rained all through my second night at the park, which is really lovely when you’re cosy inside, but less lovely it comes time to face the day. I packed up a very wet tent and jumped back in the car in search of sunny skies.

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