A Week at the Shack: Miena, Central Highlands & Launceston, NE Tasmania

Mum and I have been attempting to walk most mornings, but some days we are more motivated than others ☺️.

Morning light from Acropolis Dr in Legana

Full moon rising over the Tamar River

Have seen almost as many dead wallabies as living. Sad to see so much roadkill on Tassie roads but they do make an interesting study.

Wobbly remains

Wallaby skull – detail

We took a trip up to Mum and Dad’s sweet little shack in Miena this week where phone and internet connectivity are limited. There is a jigsaw table set up permanently in the corner, a woodburner and comfy chairs in the centre and it provides a perfect opportunity to rest a broken wrist and catch up on any reading you may have been neglecting (I read four books 👍). 

My wishlist for the week consisted of hopes of a deer sighting and snow. 

It snowed shortly after we arrived: ✔️!!!

First wish granted!

Snow in Miena

The front porch of the shack

And due to what my mother deemed to be a local competition as to who could feed the deer the most, we had 14 sightings over the 6 days of our visit: ✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️!!!

Deer pet

Not bothered by me at all 😉

Miena is a sweet little-known community (except to anglers [rainbow & brown trout]), with lovely walks and wildlife & where locals & travellers gather at the lodge for Friday night drinks.

Lakeside rocks – no climbing allowed with broken wrist…

Miena shacks

Central Highlands Lodge

Ma & Pa at the Lodge


On our way out of town we took our rubbish to the tip where there was a waste reduction target chart from last century still on display (unknown whether targets were met) and a gentleman offering his services as confessor (with a discount on Sundays!☺️). 

Ye Olde Recycling Plan

Despite discount, Brian says he doesn’t get many takers 😌

We stopped at JJ’s of Longford for meals both on the way to and returning from the shack. Fantastic food, eat in or takeaway. Then Valhala (Tassie icecream at its best) for dessert. I’m going to have to get back on the trail soon in order to work off all this wonderful food & drink I’ve been consuming.

Back in lovely Lonnie (i.e. Launceston), we’ve just had lunch at the seaport after my run-in this morning with the orthopaedic surgeon (apparently leading doc in his field but he must have missed the unit of study which focused on bedside manner). Doc’s visit: 0 stars. Lunch: 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.

Seaport, Launceston

Tide’s out!

Ma & Pa tell me the silos in the background are to be converted into hotel, gym and apartments. The Tamar River in downtown Lonnie is getting swankier by the year.

Seaport Apartments

As the second oldest Australian city since colonisation, Launceston has some stunning old buildings. Just passed these for instance, walking from the car to the library:

Macquarie House – 1830

Beautiful old buildings

Launceston city centre

Downtown Lonnie

The arm continues to heal nicely. 

Time since accident: 3 weeks | Time till anticipated return to trail: 4 weeks 👍

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