Days 16-19: Fontana Dam to Newfound Gap, Smoky Mountains NP

A few pics for now. Lengthier post to come once in Knoxville when time & internet connection permit… 

Fontana Dam as viewed from the Fontana Hilton (i.e. the AT shelter at Fontana Dam)


Fontana Dam Visitors Center – under construction


Entering the Smoky Mountains National Park


Shuckstack Mountain Fire Tower


Spence’s Field surrounds


Mollies Ridge Shelter Crowd – good times round the fire (clockwise from front left: Deadwood, Smiley, Fob, Nesquik, Stitch, Bruce, Li’l Cub)


Some crazy growth patterns right there…


Spring Beauty


Rocky Top Surrounds


Double Spring Gap shelter – all in bed by 6pm! (Top bunk: Deadwood, Fob, Stitch; Bottom bunk: Booknboot, Orbit, Mum [aka Silver Fox], Conductor)


View from Rocky Top


Spectacular lichen display


Just north of Clingman’s Dome


Somewhere between Mt Collins shelter & Newfound Gap


8 thoughts on “Days 16-19: Fontana Dam to Newfound Gap, Smoky Mountains NP

  1. Hey Lou – nice to see you are meeting lots of happy hikers – and with books! I’m enjoying your posts and photos very much- it is very inspiring. Kev x


    • Thanks Kev! Yes, it seems I am not the only one crazy about books enough to be willing to carry the extra weight! So glad you’re enjoying the updates. Sorry I’m not more regular with posting. Seems I can only really blog when I hit town as reception is sketchy on the trail and internet use drains the battery. Hope all is well in the beautiful Blue Mtns šŸ˜Š


  2. Boy Girl you can write,
    I have the serious jealousy on every single time I read your words and loose myself in the images!
    Don’t you be stopping it’s the best journey I’ve been on in a good while šŸ˜‰
    Luv ya x


    • Awww shucks ā˜ŗļø. Thanks Sammy, glad to hear you’re enjoying the journey! Here’s a thought: you could come hike some of the trail… šŸ˜€! Xo


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